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Community Access end of the 2017

Hello everyone.

My Name is Liader Yang. I am a Recreational Staff for Community Access and Hot Spot. I facilitate the Breakdance side of the Parks and Recreation. I have host multiple Breakdance event for the Program. So for the end of this year, i want to give my thanks to everyone for showing the community love and respect.

Yup yup!!! The end of the year wait is over. The winter community access bboys/bgirls jam is coming. This time, we will have an exhibition battle and judges from the previous generation. This event is going to be the most epic bboy/bgirl event ever host from Community Access/Hot Spot. So come and vibe, compete, eat, and enjoy the rest of the 2017 with some of the dopest bboys/bgirls around town.

EVENT STARTS AT 8. Due to time limit, we have to get things rolling.

High school and younger:
For the young and up coming bboys/bgirls, i would like to separate the category to give you the chance to shine. The more of you that shows up, the easier for me to organize two category. So for this category, comment your name, grade, and school. Contact with me for a confirmation that you WILL or will NOT show up if you are putting your name down.
The judging for this competition will be all three votes elimination.

This top description is about the high school students and under category

Judging system
1 judge's name will randomly be picked per round to vote. The bboy or bgirl who gets 2/3 votes advances to the next round.

DJ: Bboy Koumatae aka Dj Cut It

Emcee: Liader Luminous Yang

Exhibition Battle
ILLMatt(Flexible Flav) VS
Starburst the Fool(Sactown BreakaHolicz)

Bboy Jaden (Florin High school) VS
Xier Xiong (Valley High School)

Pre Register all ages
1. ShonDope(Unleashed Crew)
2. YK(Brothers of War)
3. Mosez1 HL
4. Daring Dave (Squadron Ace)
5. Bboy Jaden (KaliStyle)

Pre Register
(high school student and younger)
1. Bboy Jaden (Florin High School)
December 01, 2017 (19:00) - Dec 01, 2017 (22:30)
Judges Bboy Uno(Air Steps Crew) Bboy 9(Sactown BreakaHolicz) Bboy Petey(Twisted Roots)
Prize 1st place: Trophy 2nd place: Trophy 3rd place: Trophy
Entrance fee: FREE

2450 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, United States

Bboy Event Team