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Line Of Champions 2017

Ontologic Presents

Line of Champions
Crew vs Crew Breaking Battle + 1vs1 Popping Battle

Last year was hype, lets keep bulding on that crew concept. Weather you are a small crew of 5 or a large crew of 10, an established crew or a brand new crew, all original members or a mixture of members, LoC is the jam to encourage western Canada to come and rep.

We als rented a second room to host a 1vs1 popping battle to give spectators some variety and to also build the popping scene.

Don't forget to check out all that is happening this weekend:

Workshops (TBA)
Ante Up (Details to come)
Pre Party (Details to come)

Line of Champions
Wookie Party (Details to come)
July 29, 2017 (11:30) - Jul 29, 2017 (17:30)
Breaking $20/person - or - $200/crew Popping $15 || SPECTATOR ADMISSION || $15 = General Admission *Prices for children are being worked out. We are looking into setting up a play room supervised by volunteers.

Evergreen Theatre And Community Spaces 1709 - 8 Avenue Ne, Calgary, Canada