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Meet The Street 2018

Next year, next event.!!! Again in the name of Elements of Hip Hop! Look forward to a rich program, a unique battle concept, food, party and a great atmosphere, which we will create all together. So lets unite all the elements together.

-rap, beatbox, bboying, hip hop Freestyle

-Semifinalists will create 4 crews, in each of them will be representatives of elemets (1 rapper, 1 beatboxer, 1 hip hoper, 1 bboy)

-Crews will then battle againts each other – beatboxer drops a beat, rapper comes up with some crazy rhymes and dancers show their skills
-Whick crew will rule?

-Concepts, registrations and judges of battles will be posted soon

Besides you can join some workshops and discussions about elements, screening, jams, cyphers, party, showcases and more
-Graffiti wall, beach volleyball, swimming, trampolines, climbing wall
September 01, 2018 (10:00) - Sep 02, 2018 (13:00)
Guests and registration for artists: 6€

Mlékojedská, Tišice, Czechia

Bboy Event Team