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Fists Of Fury 2018


All Style battle at Fists of Fury is an open invite to dancers of different styles to merge and battle other dancers to a wide selection of music chosen by the DJ.

This year, we will implement a new format different to that of the last 2 Fists of Fury events:

Starting with Top 32 1vs1 battles, the winners of the first bracket progress to Top 16 and become the "Clan Leader". The rest are put into the “Clan Pool”.

Each Clan Leader will be given a chance to pick a name out of the Clan Pool and the person picked immediately joins their Clan. Clan Leaders can also refuse to pick a name and continue.

A new member will be picked after each bracket, expanding the clan as battles progress. When a Clan loses a battle, only the Clan Leader will be put into the Clan Pool. The rest of the clan members are removed from the Clan Pool entirely.

Each battle rounds will be timed.

The total prize money will be divided EQUALLY among the members of the Clan. So if you are up for a challenge or want to get more of that prize money, strategise accordingly!

At the Breaking battles of Fists of Fury this year, cities of New Zealand will go head to head!

Each city will be assigned a "Clan Leader", the main point of contact for the city and help get the team organized. If your city is not listed below, please contact the city closest to your location. A clan must be made up of minimum 5 members.
Reach Out team will not be involved in team selection.

Cities and associated Clan Leaders:
1. Tāmaki makaurau (Auckland) – Jonny Almario a.k.a. Flux
2. Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) – TBA (Will be announced once confirmed)
3. Rotorua – Jay Kapene a.k.a. JFresh
4. Te Whanganui a tara (Wellington) – Ben Tafau a.k.a. Benanza
5. Otautahi (Christchurch) – Kbigs James Wardlaw a.k.a. Kbigs
6. Tauranga – Jay Tihema

More information to be updated, please watch this space!
City vs City Breaking battles
All Style Clan Battles
September 15, 2018 (16:30) - Sep 15, 2018 (21:30)

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Bboy Event Team