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Barry Breakout 2018

Elemental Force Proudly Presents!


Due to the 2017 success, we return with another edition of the Barry Breakout beach battles!
Last year we introduced the idea to have a Hip Hop Jam on the beach, at Barry Island! What a wild card? Well it's paid off.

The vibes on that beach was so hype last year, and we only operated a small scale operation.

The Hold Up, CVK and Elemental Force delivered two full days of real Hip Hop energy to a hungry crowd. Live music, raw breakin' battles, and showcases from the community.

All outdoors yet under one roof.

For 2018 we are developing further with the idea, and have introduced our signature Original New Kids (Under 18’s) whilst raising the bar with invites, live music, dancers and battle concepts.

Stay tuned as official lineup & schedule coming soon!

1. Jaffa

BBOY Combat - Solo Breakin' Battle

UK Invites
International Invites
Open Solo List
Original New Kids (Under 18's Solo).

BBOY Combat - Crew Battle
- Must be minimum of 4 members.

Bonnie & Clyde
1. Zorro & Candy
2. Beanz & Gina
3. Munni & Fingers
4. Tha Wolfer & Sina
1. Freeze
2. Foggy
3. Movie One
August 18, 2018 (11:00) - Aug 19, 2018 (11:00)

Station Approach Road, Barry, United Kingdom

Bboy Event Team