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Ville Matic 2018

Just Rock Crew(JRC)
presents VilleMatic

Welcome to The Ville

It's time to represent!!

Hip Hop Culture Exhibit, Workshops, and Panel Discussion will also be going on during the event.

This event is a fundraising event for students of the Hip Hop culture. Often times students of the culture lack the resources and means to expand on there knowledge and abilities. We hope to change that for quite a few students and some very special advocates of the Hip Hop Culture. These special Individuals have gone above and beyond to show there communities just how committed they are to the promotion of positiveness and unity through Hip Hop and it's elements: Breakin, DJing, MCing, and Graffiti. We look forward to honoring them and helping them complete there journey for development, change, and awareness.


Equal Opportunity Battles

This event is a NO PRELIM battle! What that means is that there are no preliminary battles or showcasing for selection. This is a first come first serve battle. Sign ups will open and then close once max entry is reached.

32 Crews is the max for the 5 v 5 Breakin

32 Teams is the max for the 2 v 2 Open

** The only way to get a spot to battle once sign ups have closed is if a crew or team doesn't show up or check in the day of the event.

King of King Cypher

The KOK Cypher is a non stop 45 min long Cypher designed to test a dancers will to survive and reign supreme. It is open to every dancer and dance style. During the Cypher you will face off with all who enter even the KOK mystery judges who will be revealed at the conclusion of the Cypher. Simply put DOMINATE!!


We've assembled a high level judges panel along with two sick DJ's to provide the event soundtrack.

DJ Skeme Richards(Rocksteady Crew)
DJ Mickey Slicks (Raleigh Rockers)
Jaze Art Remote
Wicket(Footwork Fanatiks)

Share this event and come through and represent!
5 v 5 Breakin Crew Battle
2 v 2 Open Styles
King of Kings Cypher
June 30, 2018 (12:00) - Jun 30, 2018 (23:00)
Breakin Judges

Ken Swift(7 Gems/Breaklife)
Alien Ness(MZK)
Glyde(Dynamic Rockers)
Omar (MZK/Jiveturkeys

Open Style Judges

Remind( Style Elements)
The Ghost of NYC
David Castro(Alphas)
Hitman(Animated Mindz)
Bones The Machine (Zilla)
5 v 5 Breakin Crew Battle $2000+ Trophy
2 v 2 Open Styles $1000+ Trophy
King of Kings Cypher $250 Cash

Devers Street 352, Fayetteville, United States

Bboy Event Team