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Savage Lands 2018

Secret Society Club and the CapCityCollective present Savage Lands!

Bboy DJ - Bboy Wicket Jaochico
Open Style DJ - Vincent Banks aka Rockman
Special Guest DJ - JuzOne Jon Samilpa

Savage Land Law - First to draw blood automatically wins in the event of a tie.

Page under construction. More details to come!
Information is subject to change.

Location, Time, and Date are pretty set in stone so it should not change. Please arrive on time if you plan on participating in the battles.
1 vs 1 Bboy
1vs 1 Open Style
Top 8 lottery (1Bboy/1Open Style) - Enemy of my Enemy
June 09, 2018 (18:00) - Jun 09, 2018 (22:00)
Bboy Judge - DaveRok
Bboy Judge - Bj Gallardo

Open Style Judge - Christopher Davis aka Treble

South Congress Avenue 2311, Austin, United States

Bboy Event Team