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V.I.B.E.S. 2

Rhythm & Rhyme @VCU is proud to announce that V.I.B.E.S. (Virginia Intercollegiate Breaking Event Series) is back again this year! The purpose of the event is to foster community and friendly competition amongst the various college breaking clubs, as well as provide battle experience to said clubs. Our main event is the Intercollegiate 3v3 breaking battles, and we’re also offering a workshop by the one and only b-boy Metal from Repstyles Crew! Hope you’ll come through to dance, have a good time, and REP YOUR SCHOOL!

Are you looking to level up your skills in battling, ciphering, or performing? Geared towards beginner/intermediate Breakers, Metal’s workshop will touch upon many aspects of Breaking, including Toprock, Footwork, and creativity. Take the techniques and approaches from this workshop and incorporate them into your personal practice. Be ready for drills, games, and mini-ciphers. All experience levels are welcome, just be prepared to sweat!

ARRIVE ON TIME! Every jam we’ve hosted has started and ended on time, and we intend to keep that record. Metal’s Workshop starts STRICTLY at 11:00am and you definitely don’t wanna miss it. Prelims are starting at 2:30pm and not a minute later!!!! We will be strongly adhering to the event schedule below so account for travel time!

Justintime (Rhythm & Rhyme, VCU)

MUSIC provided by Richmond’s own DJ Mordecai! Check out his tracks/mixes here:

1. You must represent a college or university, not necessarily a club. Multiple squads can represent the same school.
2. Everyone in your squad must be representing the same school.
3. Students enrolled in a graduate school or similar program are eligible to participate.
4. Alumni are permitted to participate provided they have graduated within the past 4 years.
**If there are any questions or concerns about eligibility, message Justin Leung (one of the hosts of the event) or post below and we will respond as soon as possible!

*Post your Squad Name (School You’re Representing) below to sign-up for the 3v3, ex. Rhythm & Rhyme (VCU)
———3v3 Sign-up List———
1. Rhythm & Rhyme (VCU)
2. Rhythm & Rhyme 2 (VCU)
3. Rhythm & Rhyme 3 (VCU)
11:00 AM: Metal’s Workshop Begins
12:30 PM: Sign-ups/Check-in for 3v3, Cyphers
2:20 PM: Sign-ups Close
2:25 PM: Judge Showcase
2:30 PM: Prelims Begin
3:30 PM: Prelims End, Cypher Break
3:50 PM: Top 16 Begins
4:25 PM: Top 16 Ends, Top 8 Begins
4:45 PM: Top 8 Ends, Cypher Break
5:00 PM: Semi-Finals Begin
5:20 PM: Semi-Finals End, Cypher Break
5:35 PM: Finals Begin
5:45 PM: Finals End, Acknowledgments, Cyphers
April 14, 2018 (11:00) - Apr 14, 2018 (18:00)
Metal (Repstyles, PA)
Isaiah (Lions of Zion/The Elusives, MD)
Prolix (3hree 9inez, VA)
FREE for VCU Students and Spectators $5 for Competitors $5 for Metal’s Workshop **As per University policy, we only accept payment through @justroyal on Venmo or send to Justin Leung through FB Messenger

900 Turpin St, Richmond, United States

Bboy Event Team