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Hot Spot B-boy/B-girl Competition 2018

Hello everyone!!! Im having the first 2018 breakdance competition. I have had three competition at the community center the past years. Its always a fun experience. So i want to make this one more interesting.

Door opens at 7. Sign in at the table before entering the dance room. We will be providing meals as well so you all will get the chance to take a meal break. I don’t know what we will be serving yet.

ATTENTION: Since it is a new year for the D6 program, everyone that has not been participating in the program needs to fill out an implication in order to dance. I will try to do an electronic application for those who are from out of town.

If you are under the age of 18, I highly recommend you to bring a legal guardian to sign the application at the table.

This competition will be a four way 6 men battle. It will be similar to a Pokemon battle. The first group will choose one of their person to call out a group to battle. They will go one round and the judges will decide who wins. The bboy/bgirl who wins that round will have a choice to keep battling or switch to another person.

If you win that round, you can choose a different team to battle.

If you switch to another person in your team, a new team will get to choose a team to battle.

It is similar to a Pokemon game.

Emcee:Luminous Yang


This event is for everyone. I want to have medals for everyone who is taking parts of this event.
May 05, 2018 (19:00) - May 05, 2018 (22:30)
1. Bboy Epler (SactownBreakaHolics)
2. Bboy Philthy (UnderGround Flo)
3. Bboy iLL Matt (FlexFav)
Entrance fee:Free

2450 Meadowview Rd, Sacramento, United States

Bboy Event Team