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Absolute Skillz Tour Qualifier 2018

The opportunity has come to ChiTown for young Bboys/Bgirls for the big chance to battle for first and second place, to be flown out to Boston Mass on July 28th.

This is the Qualifier for all of Chicago, to come out and support and give it you all. And show off your hard work to make it.

Hosted: CrazyFreddy & Angel

Dj: @Edouble_79

A big thank you to all who got INVOLVED to making this happen for your state.

Renato Roldan, Connect Force, Sengvilay Aphay, Angel-Ground Syndrome

THIS IS ONLY FOR THE STATE OF ALL CHICAGO, If you from another state you will not be able to battle in the 1vs1.... We trying to keep it the states that are on the list of the 8 in this tour. This is CrazyFreddy leaving this text word....

PS: Make sure you are older enough to fly on your own... And have ID.
May 19, 2018 (16:00) - May 19, 2018 (22:00)
Judges: CrazyFreddy, Evol, Evil-Clone
Break Dance Competiton 8 State Tour First & Second Place
WINNERS get Trophies and FREE Trip to Boston Ma ONLY!
For the TOP 16 finals on July 28th,
$10 and any extra donation

West 63rd Street 1213, Chicago, United States

Bboy Event Team