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Parramasala Festival 2018

Parramasala is one of the largest multicultural festivals in NSW. The city of Parramatta is home to vibrant arts and entertainment including music, dance, theatre, comedy, film, markets and visual arts from around the world and Parramasala captures this wealth and folds it into a unique cultural event.

This year there will be a dance competition held at the Riverside theatre featuring some of Australia's best dancers competing and showcasing their art.

Competition details below.

MC: Wei Wei (100yen bad boys/the dedicated haters)

DJ: Deejay Naiki

Winners of both categories will feature in the Gala show after the competition at 8pm. This will be in the big theatre and be a headlining show for the festival.

There will also be free workshops open to the general public prior to the competition. Details TBC.

Battle registrations/Questions:
Please contact Lowe Napalan on FB or email with your name/crew name and category.
March 10, 2018 (15:00) - Mar 10, 2018 (21:00)
Open Style Judges:
Poppin Jack (Stale Biskitz)
Bboy Don (SKB)

Break Judges:
Bboy Lowe (SKB)
Bboy Don (SKB)
1v1 Female Open Styles (1st prize = $300)
1v1 Male Open Styles (1st prize = $300)
2v2 Breaking (1st prize = $300)
Entry: Free

Corner Church And Market Streets, Parramatta, Australia

Lowe Napalan