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Larissa Dance Open 2018

Ladies & Gentlemen,
we are very happy to announce that the city of Larissa will host once more the International DanceSport Tournament
"LarissaDance Open" on May 26 & 27 2018.

S A T U R D A Y – 26/05/2018

WDSF Categories:
W D S F International Open Latin
W D S F Open Standard

W D S F Youth Standard & Latin
W D S F Junior Standard & Latin
W D S F Senior 1 Standard & Latin

OPEN Couple Categories
Juvenile Associate Standard (Waltz)
Juvenile Associate Latin (Cha cha cha)

Junior Associate Standard (Waltz)
Junior Associate Latin (Cha cha cha)

Juvenile Standard 3Dance (Basic only)
Juvenile Latin 3Dance (Basic only)

Juvenile 5Dance Standard (Basic only)
Juvenile 5Dance Latin (Basic only)

Junior Standard 3Dance (Basic only)
Junior Latin 3Dance (Basic only)

Junior Standard 5Dance (Basic only)
Junior Latin 5Dance (Basic only)

Adult 3Dance Choreo. Standard (W,Tg,Q)
Adult 3Dance Choreo. Latin (S,Ch,R)

Adult One Dance Waltz Choreo.
Adult One Dance Tango Choreo.

Adult One Dance ChaChaCha Choreo.
Adult One Dance Rumba Choreo.
Adult One Dance Samba Choreo.

(Juvenile / Junior / Adults Categories)
Waltz Basic
Tango Basic
Quickstep Basic
Samba Basic
Chachacha Basic
Rumba Basic
Paso Doble Basic
Jive Basic
Waltz Open Choreo.
Tango Open Choreo.
Quickstep Open Choreo.
Samba Open Choreo.
Chachacha Open Choreo.
Rumba Open Choreo.
Paso Doble Open Choreo.
Jive Open Choreo.

Tango Salon (de pista) Couples
Tango Teams

LATIN TEAM Categories:
Latin Juvenile All Ladies
Latin Junior All Ladies
Latin Youth All Ladies
Latin Adults All Ladies

LATIN SOLO Categories:
Latin Juvenile Solo (Cha, Ru, Ji)
Latin Junior Solo (Sa, Cha, Ru, Ji)
Latin Adults Solo (Sa, Cha, Ru, Ji)


S U N D A Y – 27/05/2018

Hip Hop Junior Teams /7-12/
Hip Hop Varsity Team /13-17/
Hip Hop Adults Teams /18+/

Hip-Hop Juvenile Solo /7-11/
Hip-Hop Junior Solo /12-15/
Hip-Hop Adults Solo /16+/

Belly Dance Pre-Juvenile Teams /4-6/
Belly Dance Juvenile Teams /7-11/
Belly Dance Junior Teams /12-15/
Belly Dance Adults Teams /16+/

Belly Dance Juvenile Solo /7-11/
Belly Dance Junior Solo /12-15/
Belly Dance Adults Solo /16+/

Contemporary Juvenile Teams /7-11/
Contemporary Junior Teams /12-15/
Contemporary Adults Teams /16+/

Contemporary Juvenile Solo /7-11/
Contemporary Junior Solo /12-15/
Contemporary Adults Solo /16+/

Bboying Juvenile Teams /7-11/
Bboying Junior Teams /12-15/
Bboying Adults Teams /16+/

Bboying 1vs1 Juvenile /7-11/
Bboying 1vs1 Junior /12-15/
Bboying 1vs1 Adults /16+/

Online Entries:
Registration will open on March 1st 2018

Info & Contacts:
FB: LarissaDance Open
INSTAGRAM: @ldo_dancecomp

#LDO Office /+30/ 2410 25.7000
Richard Szilagyi /+30/ 6980814502
English, German, Slovak, Greek
Effie Giannaraki /+30/ 6972325559
English, French, Italian, Greek

Good Luck and Hope to see you in Greece!!!!!
May 26, 2018 (09:00) - May 27, 2018 (21:00)

Περιφερειακή οδός Λάρισας, Lárissa, Greece

LarissaDance Open