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GET on UP 2018

GET ON UP 2018

The way this “call out” is going to work, we're going to pick top 16, from the 16 we will randomly select one of the pairs. The pair that is chosen will then pick who they want to battle. Whoever wins that battle will pick a random pair and then they will choose who they want to battle, and so on. Last names left will have no choice but to battle. This will go on until we get to the finals.

Host: Laces Staetide (Lace Gambino)

Battles: DJ CHiEF, and William Deal Jr (Will Stylez)
Cyphers: Ramon Blacqc-zarr (JRK)

Being that graffiti was my first love in the culture, I wanted to do a little something for the graffiti artist out there.

Rules: 2 hours to create a masterpiece. Artists will be given a 8x10 canvas for the battle. Canvas of the night will be voted on by the audience. People will have 10 min to vote while piece is on display. Whichever piece gets the most votes wins.

Vendors: CasualxChange Clothing Co, TBA
2v2 call out battle
Black Book battle
April 20, 2018 (21:30) - Apr 21, 2018 (01:00)
Jose Diaz Bboy Winky (Orlando)
Eli Feliciano Bboy Kiddoh (Miami)
2v2 call out battle: $400 and trophy!!
Black Book battle: $100 CA$H Prize

1401 2nd Ave North, Lake Worth, United States

Bboy Event Team