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Intensity The Finale : Antique Session 2018


To promote Real Knowledge of HipHop in Antique and to upgrade the dance scene and community of Antique province: As what I see and feel, It's been years even decades that Antique dance community is still stuck up to the old tradition of disco derby. Other places are already updated but Antique scene is still the same. Hope this event will enlighten the Antique Scene and community especially in HipHop.

FYI, We are from Panay, one of the visayas islands in the Philippines. We're doing these events for the bboys there in visayas that are lacking in exposures compared to manila bboys. All of the big events are always held in Manila and not all bboys can afford to go to Manila to participate and represent. That's is why I'm bringing the events to them. I always tried my best to bring the events to them every year even with my own expense since sponsorship is very hard in the province. This is my passion as an ex-bgirl also. I'm just giving back to my hometown and my province.


Less priviledged bboys especially in the provinces will be given proper exposure and fair chances in acquiring not only skills but most importantly the proper and true knowledge on the HipHop culture especially in bboying.

This is what I think is lacking in the Philippine Bboy Community. Fair exposure and priviledges to all the Bboys in the Philippine Islands.

Helping the poor kids, anyone can do that, Bboy or not. But In order to help others we need to prioritize our own community first. There are more bboys, our own bboy family "mismo" that needed more help.
1on1 Bgirl Battle
1on1 Bboy Battle
6 on 6 - Crew vs Crew Bboy Battle
1 on 1 All Styles Battle
AllStyles Dance Competition
May 23, 2018 (08:00) - May 24, 2018 (11:00)
1.) Bgirl Narumi - Body Carnival - Japan
2.) Bgirl Ayumi - Body Carnival - Japan
3.) Bgirl Bea - Funkroots - Philippines
4.) Bboy Rekin - Funkroots - Philippines
5.)Bboy Baek - Extreme Crew - Korea
Php10K for all 1on1 Battles winner takes all, Php30K for 6v6 Bboy Crew Battle winner takes all, Php30K-20K-10K for Allstyles dance Competition
Php 150.00

San Jose De Buenavista, Antique, Philippines, San Jose De Buenavista, Philippines

Intensity X.0 Productions