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Knowledge Party 2019 poster
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Knowledge Party 2019

It is an event that involves children and adults that can enrich their artistic and cultural baggage. Through the experience of workshops and conferences held by artists who are part of the national and international scenario, we will give space to the emotions of everyone in the group and to so much fun.
The Hiphop culture contains several elements and we have decided to let you experience them through workshops, jams, battles and documentaries. You will be immersed for the whole weekend from morning to night in the double h world with the lessons that vary between Breaking, Hiphop freestyle, MCeeing, DJing and Writing.

☆Battle Mode☆
》 Matrioska Battle Kidz
Battle dedicated to those who do not exceed 16 years. 16 small warriors will be selected during the cypher that will take part in this new concept. All phases include a draw between the 16 kids: 8vs8 in the first, they will then become 4vs4, 2vs2 and in the final 1vs1.
▪︎Judge》Yarko | Spider
▪︎DJ Nersone
▪︎Prize by FunkArt & BottegaPrama

》 Lyrics Move
Battle that unites the MC's that will make their rhymes heard at the microphone during the cyphers together with the Dancers who will be chosen by them during the jam, uniting them to be 2vs2, where the dancer expresses himself on the words of his mc partner for the duration of a minute.
▪︎Judge》 Ares | Yarko | Spider
▪︎Premio "400 €

》 Me vs Music
Battle 1vs1 but above all against the music that will dictate the rules because for each dancer there will be a round on an instrument played live by our band and a round on the DJ's scratches, also for this mode the 8 dancers will be chosen by the cypher during the jam .
▪︎Judge》 Yarko | Spider
▪︎DJ Nersone | Paprico
▪︎ € 200 prize
☆Graffiti Art☆
During the jam there will be writers who will show their skills on the walls of the place.
Special Guest:
GFM 'Gute Farbmischung Crew'
•Paul as Mesok
•Thomas as Virus
•Ram as Ramo
When? 4 & 5 January 2020
Where is it? at 100% Danza Add Force via Villa 87, 36056 Tezze Sul Brenta
》 Registration and Prices:
》 Info: 3488756529
▪︎Saturday 4 January▪︎
08.30》 09.30 Check-in
10.00》 11.30 Hiphop with SPIDER
11.30》 13.00 Writing with JATO
13.00 15.00 Lunch
15.00 30 16.30 MCeeing with ARES
16.30》 18.00 Breaking with YARKO
18.00 30 19.30 DJing with NERSONE
19.30》 21.00 Dinner
21.00》 23.30 Party with GFear
▪︎Sunday 5th January▪︎
2.00pm 3.00pm Opening Registration
15.00》 16.00 Live Music by PAPRICO
16.00》 17.00 Beat Making by GFear
19.00》 20.00 ME vs MUSIC BATTLE
January 04, 2020 (08:00) - January 05, 2020 (12:00)

Via Villa 87, Tezze Sul Brenta, Italy

Marco Gentile