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Tunnel Vision 4

During Tunnel Vision Edition 4.0 2019 there will be Bboy battles as well: City battle - Tribe battle - Cypher Connector.

Dj: Rachi

This day we will celebrate the four foundation elements of Hip-Hop with the art of: Graffiti - Turntablism - MCing - Bboying.
You will definitely enjoy your stay!
City Battle: 1 vs 1 bboy battle.
Conquer the city in a individual battle and become the citymaster!
Prizes: Goodie-bag, a trophy and €40,00

Tribe Battle: 3 vs 3 Allstyle battle (old skool Hip-Hop tracks).
Enter the jungle only with 3, or you will get lost. Join forces and strength together and become the: Jungle Tribe!
Prizes: Goodie-bags and €120,00

Cypher Connector: Connect, meet, share and have fun!
Prizes: Goodie-bag
September 01, 2019 (10:00) - Sep 01, 2019 (20:00)
Entree: Free

Laarakkerweg, Liempde, Netherlands

Bboy Event Team