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V1 Festival 18-22 July 2019

V1 FESTIVAL is the biggest hip-hop festival in Saint Petersburg. An important feature of V1 is the unification of all hip-hop culture elements in one event. V1 naturally combines high profile artists and organization level with the intimacy of the festival stage.
For the last 7 years 33 events took place dedicated to breaking, rap, DJing and graffiti.

The five-day V1 Festival goes down annually in the middle of the summer. Additionally to it every 2 months local events are held. V1 events which also gather a considerable crowd and participants from all over the world. The admission and participation for the events are free of charge.

Invited artists:

- Big Daddy Kane

- King Uprock
- Papo774

- Moy
- Flea Rock
- Karim Barouche
- Fever One

- Hit Master Fish
- Sweepy

- Vicious Seeds
- Kenako
- Great Revivers
July 18, 2019 (12:00) - Jul 22, 2019 (20:00)

St Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Bboy Event Team