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Circle Masterz X "Respect Culture Series" India Qualifier 2019

❖ Day 1 CMZ - 26/07/2019
├Workshop / Cypher / pre-registration
├Venue : (TBA) To be Announced
└Artist : Bboy Octopus' Jinjo Crew

❖ Day 2 CMZ - 27/07/2019
├Circle Masterz India 2vs2 Breaking
├Venue : (TBA) To be Announced
└Judge : Bboy Octopus'Jinjo Crew

├Respect Culture Series' India Qualifier
├1on1 Breaking
├Winner fly to RC world final sep 14th' Tiawan
└Judge : Bboy Octopus'Jinjo Crew

├Respect Culture series' Bgirl' 1on1
└Judge : Bboy Octopus'

├Breaking kids 1vs1
└Judge : TBA

├Open styles kids 1vs1
└Judge : TBA

├2vs2 Hip-hop
└Judge : TBA

├2vs2 Open styles
└Judge : TBA

├DJ : JAka

├Indian Hiphop Nation Championship
└Judge : TBA


Last Man Standing (LMS) ????
Indian Hip-hop Nation Championship

(LMS) Last man standing is going to be a interesting factor

All you need to do is register your name, Rest is going to be Brainstorming,

Starting with 3vs3 , you can be any style ( break, Hip-hop, popping , locking , krump or waacking ) , the slot is going to decide your team mates )

Each round, the slot going to decide & shuffle you with other dancers???? so this goes till Top4 (3vs3)

From Top4 slot will change to 2vs2 + wildcard entry 4dancers, slot keep shuffling the dancers till finals

(eg) in finals xxx Vs zzz , and Zzz wins the 2vs2, event is not yet over my friend, now battle is going to be between the last 2dancers, The final winner going to be the "LAST MAN STANDING" Indian Hip-hop Nation Champion

❖ Day 3 - 28/07/2019
├After Party 12am - 12pm
├early bird Entry : 500/-
├at door 900/-
├Bring your own Booze
└Venue : (TBA) To be announced
July 26, 2019 (09:00) - Jul 28, 2019 (12:00)

Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India

Bboy Event Team