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O.U.R Aussie Bboys 2019

Krosswerdz Community Programs, in partnership with OUR City Bboys and Respect Culture, presents OUR Aussie Bboys Jam!

We are collaborating with B-boy Dyzee, the commissioner of OUR City Bboys and former ambassador of the Global R16 Breaking Tournament, to send an all-star Australian squad to battle in Taiwan against top-tier crews from around the world.

OUR City B-boys is a rival city Breaking league in Taiwan (and expanding internationally). They hold full-length production, judged battles lasting between 60 to 90 minutes between two city crews. We are giving a one-time-only opportunity to represent Australia overseas and the OUR Aussie Bboys Jam will determine who gets sent!

The selected Aussie reps will have a guaranteed full-length battle against a Taiwan city crew in front of that city’s fans and supporters in September 2019. This battle also comes with a small battle fee paid to the Australian crew.

We are doubly fortunate to partner with Respect Culture who have graciously given the representing crew an invitation as crew battle guests to their international jam on September 14th (no prelim required to pass on the day).

As part of representing Australian Breaking, we are providing a $4,000 cash prize to go toward the crew’s flights to Taiwan. BOOM!!

Date / Schedule
Saturday, 20 July 2019
Further schedule details to be announced

OUR Aussie Bboys will take place in Sydney.
The venue has been booked and will be announced soon!

Battle format:
OUR Aussie Bboys will reuse the same format from R16 2015 to determine who will be the Australian representatives in Taiwan.

There will be two categories in knockout elimination format:
• Crew 4v4 category
• Solo 1v1 category

The Australian squad sent to Taiwan will be made up of:
• The crew 4v4 winners
• The solo 1v1 winner
• 2 or 3 wildcards chosen from their performance in the cyphers and the battles

Judging format
OUR Aussie Bboys will be judged under the OUR System which will be the same system used in the showdown battle against Taiwan. The OUR System determines a winner based on who wins the majority of the 5 approaches used in Breaking. For more info, see here -->

1. Bboy Hideboo - Foundation
2. Bboy Dyzee - Originality
3. Bboy Kamikaze - Dynamics
4. Bgirl Flix - Execution
5. BboyTaz - Cypher/battle

Announcements for DJs coming soon.

Q: Can I enter if I am not an Australian citizen?
A: International b-boys/b-girls can enter if they have been a resident in Australia for the last 6 months prior to the competition.
Please send a message if you are unsure.

Q: What is the cost of competing?
A: $20 per person for one category or $25 for both categories

Q: How do I register?
A: Registrations will be accepted on the day or you can pre-register for the crew category and the solo category by commenting below. For crew category, tell us your crew name and the four members’ names you are battling under. For the solo category, tell us your name and state.

Q: Will the OUR System be used for all the battles?
A: The OUR System will be used for the crew and solo categories at OUR Aussie Bboys, although the wildcards will be chosen and deliberated by the judges based on the performance of the bboys/bgirls in the cypher and the competition.
The OUR System will be used in Taiwan for the city showdown battle being facilitated by OUR City Bboys, and Respect Culture will be judged in the traditional format.

Q: What is the cost for attending as a spectator?
A: It's free!
July 20, 2019 (12:30) - Jul 20, 2019 (17:00)

New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Bboy Event Team