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Bboy Heat Rock (USA) | Sydney Workshops 2019

Bboy Heat Rock (USA) - First time in Sydney teaching TWO workshops!

TOPROCK: Tuesday 16th July - 8:15 PM | $30
FOOTWORK: Wednesday 17th July - 8:15 PM | $30

Come join us for both days as we cover the fundamentals and advanced techniques of TopRock and FootWork. We will be working with musicality, execution, and conceptual ideas to give anyone of any level an upper hand. The goal of this class is to increase the way you train, cypher, compete and think on the dance floor to expand your vocabulary and cultivate a more spontaneous creative thought process. We hope to see you there.

All @ Crossover Dance Studio: 1/22 Goulburn St, Sydney CBD

About Bboy Heat Rock:
Heat rock was born and raised in various areas of Georgia. At the age of 12 he began to dance and unorthodoxed and unguided style of popping. Later at the age of 19 he moved to Boston, Massachusetts and was recruited and trained under the supervision of The Floorlords Crew. Mentored by Lino "Leansky" Delgato, Heat learned the true meaning of hip hop. Heat trained popping under Megatron, Leansky, Boogie Boy Dash, and Dominoe. With their guidence Heat became well educated in the east coast boogie boy style of popping. Later he revisited the dance style of bboying. Heat Rock now resided in Brooklyn, New York were he continues to practice boogie boy, bboying and many other styles of hiphop. He spends his days traveling the world competing and teaching.
July 16, 2019 (20:15) - Jul 17, 2019 (21:45)

Goulburn Street 22, Sydney, Australia

Bboy Event Team