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The Hybrid Theory 2019

We are back and better than ever with The Hybrid Theory Vol 2!!! This is a random 2vs2 breaking battle which pairs up the top qualifying kids with the top qualifying adults AT RANDOM. Any team is in contention of winning $500 and Trophies. This jam is put together to help the kids get additional exposure in our breaking community by also teaming up with some of the breakers that these kids look up to. It is a super fun event where cyphers will be going crazy and some of the best kids will hold their ground aiming to earn some respect.

There will be 2 sets of prelims, one for kids 17 and under, and 1 for adults 18 and over. The top kids and adults from both sets of prelims will then move on to "The Lottery", where the top kids will find out who they will be teaming up with randomly from the adults. The teams of 2 are also given some time to discuss some strategies, create routines, and understand each other's battle style.


Hosted and Emcee'd by:
Kid Glyde (Dynamic Rockers)
J'Serious (The Foot Clan)

Food and Drinks will be sold at the event.

(for those who like to show up late and think they can still do pre-lims even though they finished, good luck, if you miss pre-lims… well you can still cypher... long story short don't be late and miss pre-lims or else you can't battle)
3:00pm - Doors Open
4:00pm - Kids Pre-Lims
5:00pm - Adult Pre-Lims
6:00pm - "The Lottery" where the kids and adults who made it passed pre-lims will be randomly paired, brackets will be formed, and the pairs will go over anything they wish
6:30-9:00pm - Battles are underway
July 06, 2019 (15:00) - Jul 06, 2019 (21:00)
Heat Rock One (Del Fuego Wolfpack)
Flonetik (Full Circle Souljahs)
Kojak (The Elusives)
$20 or $15 Pre-Sale (Pre-Sale grants you a discount as well as early sign-up granted for The Hybrid Theory)

Saint Nicholas Avenue 735, New York, United States

Bboy Event Team