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The Love MoZaic Chapter 2019

We have all been affected deeply by situations that really have brought us back to mental health awareness and have made us take a deeper look at our own mental health wellness. I noticed that even just in the past two years our community has been really vocal and more open in talking about the things that , in the past, we were not as comfortable talking about. But so I want to reiterate that shedding light on all these feelings and situations is welcomed and very much needed. Now more than ever it's about spreading love, being there for each other and openly talking about the issues all of us face on the day to day. This is just one way we can continue the journey in BREAKING THE STIGMA.

So I am inviting you guys to celebrate life with us. We are using our platform in hip hop to encourage our extremely diverse demographic (our mosaic if you will) to get together for open dialogue about the journey in breaking the mental health stigma. We will begin to do this through love, dance,dialogue and acknowledgement. I believe that as a community we are like a mosaic art piece - as much as our experiences and memories are a mosaic of who we are and who we become as people.
July 20, 2019 (12:00) - Jul 20, 2019 (22:00)

U.s. 1 225, Tequesta, United States

Bboy Event Team