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Ignition 2019

This is an ALL STYLE 1V1 battle with a few rules and change of regular format.

- The Battler must have no battle experience in top 4 or over in an Opens All Style Battle
*however if you have made top 4 in a specific style battle and still wish to enter as you have not made top 4 in an opens all style battle please consult Jun, Kris, Valdi or Robin)

Small University run battles do not count but in consideration of major opens uni events, not made it to top 4 or above in
- SXP's Synergy
- MDA's Hip Op otamous & Beauty and the Beast
- UTSHHS's Hopscotch

If you are confused about the eligibility or definition of small university run events please contact me, May June , Kris Gusti, Robin Chen or Valdi Yasa Yudibrata on facebook.

First Prelim
- 3 Cyphers will run simultaneously with one judge watching each circle.
- You will receive a song related to your style mentioned when you Pre-Rego.
- Last Minute entries may not be entitled to receive a style song of their choosing.
- The judges will pick TOP 8 each.
July 13, 2019 (12:00) - Jul 13, 2019 (20:00)

Goulburn Street 22, Sydney, Australia

Bboy Event Team