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MITH isn't your average jam. What started as a student organization turned into a community staple. MITH focuses on encouraging people to break through barriers of fear and help them realize personal wins. MITH isn't about winning money by beating everyone else. It's about beating your personal goals, making new friends, and coming together as a community.

Our goal is to invite new dancers into the dance community by providing a non-threatening way to be part of the battle. If you are a new dancer, this is THE jam to go to.

For seasoned dancers, this is a great jam to come and vibe too. Since the prize money usually isn't huge, you can focus on just having fun. There is no pressure to win. If you lose, no biggie. If you win, no biggie. We want you to come vibe out and help build the next generation of Midwest dancers.
Battle format - Hip hop
Judge: Derrick Judkkins

• 1v1
• 45 second prelim
• Top 16
• Prize is Money from the hat and dope trophy

Battle format - All styles 7 to smoke

Judge: Cuong Koi Tran

• 1v1
• 45 second prelim
• Top 8
• Prize is $50 and dope trophy

DJ: JustNice
June 23, 2019 (13:00) - Jun 23, 2019 (20:30)

Fishers Landing Drive 7261, Fishers, United States

Bboy Event Team