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WGTPS Breakin' Workshops with Crissy B & MACCA 2019

Kicking off the "Who Got The Props?!" weekend with workshops from two amazing B-girls in the scene!

--CrissyB, hailing from Los Angeles, CA., is all about the VIBE! From the Cypher to the competition world, it’s all about the energy you bring into the space. Your connection to the music, character and overall presence will always set you apart from the rest and plays an important role in setting the tone for a better experience. Her workshop will focus on taking what you already have and amplifying it to the next degree. Getting comfortable with stepping outside of the box, exploring freeform while having good form, reading the cypher and enhancing your personal expression of the dance. Let’s have some fun with it.
*Recommended for beginners/intermediate Bboys/Girls who are looking to expand their approach, or the advanced dancer willing to explore a new one.


--Macca representing Girl Illa Tactics || 360 Flava || Monster Energy Breakers! Her workshop will be focused on developing the skill of translating the "spiritual high" of a song to the physical movement in the dance. This will be done through gaining more of a connection by becoming familiar with the music. The participants will engage in Cipher strategies, breakdown of movement to freestyle comfortably to the music and be engaged in the “now” of you and the music. This class will benefit all levels of Breakers--due to the healthy and positive challenge for each dancer to feel, be soulful, and flow freely within these workshops."

All levels welcomed!

3439 Livernois Detroit, MI 48210
Crissy B - 6pm - 7pm
Macca - 730pm - 830pm
June 28, 2019 (17:00) - Jun 28, 2019 (20:30)
$10 for workshop series (its still $10 if you take one)

Livernois Avenue 3439, Detroit, United States

Bboy Event Team