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The Level Up 2

Hybrids Crew x Distrct Arts x JLS Entertainment Inc. proudly present...

THE LEVEL UP is a 1v1 freestyle dance competition designed to challenge the caliber of freestyle dancers and freestyle battles alike. We believe that dancers and spectators deserve more value at events and our mission is to be the standard by doing things no one else is doing - and do it at THE HIGHEST LEVEL!

FIRST, NO MORE WASTING GOOD MUSIC! The first dancer of the battle will be decided via coin toss before the music starts.

SECOND, NO MORE USELESS TIES! Judges only have one tie to throw for the entirety of the event. This should cut back on pointless extra rounds, as well as challenge judges to think very critically when deciding the winner of each battle.

THIRD, MORE PEOPLE DESERVE REWARDS! Have you ever made it all the way to finals, only to lose and go home empty handed? At our event, we're giving CASH prizes to FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, AND FOURTH PLACE!

On top of all that, the first 20 competitors to sign up will receive a GIFT BAG with a FREE T-SHIRT AND PROMOTIONS!

With all of this and more, we hope to provide a competitive battle for the community that forces everyone involved to elevate their game. IT'S TIME TO LEVEL UP!

- SOUL (IMS, SBK, GCOS, Trybe)
- JAM (Hybrids Crew)
- RONNIE (Super Crew, Full Force)

- TomNasty (Bang Squad)

- Reset (Hybrids Crew, Bang Squad)

Prelims begin - 6:00pm
Top 16 - one round per dancer
Top 8 - one round per dancer
top 4 - two rounds per dancer
Finals - three rounds per dancer

1st: $250
2nd: $100
3rd: $50
4th: $50
July 06, 2019 (17:00) - Jul 06, 2019 (22:00)

Nevada, Las Vegas, United States

Bboy Event Team