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Poppers Poplockers Robots Boogaloos Boppers Strutters Tutters Lockers Breakers and various Dance artists from ALL CITIES , ALL LEVELS ,ALL AGES , if your free, to come to "The Poppers Spot" on The Walk of Fame at Hollywood Blvd and Highland (ask around where the exact spot is)... I will bring my BIG BOX and alot of my popping beats, as others will bring their Boxes and beats ,and we all will HAVE SOME FUN, enjoy/showcase/celebrate/share your dance with each other, the public, the youth ,the out of town tourists ,and the world to see and enjoy. Usually ,each year for the past 11 years , in July, after the OG Poppers Picnic , we leave the PP, and take "it" to the streets, on the Blvd, to continue the positive energy , and create the DEEPEST FUNKIEST REALEST RAWEST STREETSHOW of POPPERS anybody has ever seen or experienced !!!
But, just because that I will not be able to give you all the OGPP this year ( hopefully I can do the PICNIC next year-and it will be HUUUUUGE, but i wont stop doing them ) ,doesnt mean we as a culture, as people ,still cant get together, build, share, and CREATE MAD POSITIVE POPPING ENERGY !!!!!
If you haven't been to a annual Poppers Cypher on Hollywood Blvd, then you haven't experienced a REAL CYPHER....yet.
Plus , it would be a very nice birthday for me , to see you all happy, smiling, dancing, and having a freaking GOOD TIME !!!
Hope you all can come thru..and if not ,it's cool.
July 13, 2019 (18:00) - Jul 13, 2019 (00:00)

California, Los Angeles, United States

Bboy Event Team