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Move On Up 2019

Move On Up! Hip-hop Jam & Party

Live Djs, Dancing, Cyphers, Wheel of Fortune
One B-boy or B-Girl shall be elected “Chief Rocka” of the night and win a trip to Lausanne (Switzerland) to rep at the Universal Concrete Jam (

Joniboy (Floor SCIENTISTS / Collectif LIFE - Lausanne, Suisse)
Selecter the Punisher (Festival Tighten Up! / 45 Live - Marseille)
Urkel (Les Zinzins 2 La Rue)

WHEEL OF FORTUNE (Concept by Amjad 7$)

Dancers who want to do an exhibition battle put their name up on the wheel.
The wheel spins, a name comes out. That dancer decides who he/she wants to battle.
That 2nd dancer decides on the number of rounds.

Represented Crews:
Seven Dollars (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Loz Boyz (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Original Rockers (Marseille)
Flying Jalapenos (UK)
Marginalz (Aix-en-Provence)
South Style (La Seyne/Bandol)
Stil Contact (Brazil)
Rockerz Delight (Montpellier)
DLK (Le Pradet)
A. T. F. Collective
NSF Crew (Toulon / Paris)
True Rokin Soul (Germany)
Youpi Cru (Paris)
Let's Grow (Valencia, Spain)
Just4Rockers (Paris)
JAMAZZONE (Lausanne, Switzerland)
The Bronx Boys
Wild Boyz (Paris/Nantes)
Fresh Connex (Paris)
Hermanistic (Argentina)
Total Feeling (Paris)
Stay Fly (Paris)
[ More to be confirmed ]

Bar with reasonable pricing

By car: port of la Seyne/Mer
Train: La Seyne/mer or Toulon station
Plane: Marseille airport
July 13, 2019 (20:30) - Jul 14, 2019 (01:00)
Damage : 5 Euros

Impasse Noël Verlaque 58, La Seyne-sur-mer, France

Bboy Event Team