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Open Concept 2019

(Showcase Competition 2 - 3 People // 7-to-smoke Abstract All-styles)

Open Concept was born as a platform for all dancers to break boundaries of their own dance. A dancer is only limited by its creativity and perception of themselves. Be it krumping to classical, waacking to dubstep to amazing storytelling or crazy fresh shape and lines.

There is no prefix labels here.

Join as a showcase of 2-3 person or join the battle of 7-to-smoke Abstract all-styles to express yourself!

Date: 30th June 2019 (SUNDAY)
Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre
Time: 12pm - 7 pm.
Showcase competition
Number of people in a team: 2 - 3 people a team
Showcase time limit: 3-5 mins max.

*In event of overwhelming response, a selection phase may occur*

Showcase Judging Criteria:
Concept - 30%
Concept can mean idea or message.
What is the concept about?
The use of different elements of a dance item (Visual and audio) to create the idea or message.

Movement execution- 30%
Movement execution refers to item quality.
How deep/clear can the dancers can portray.

Performance presentation - 20%
Performance presentation refers to execution of the concept.
It is about how the item brings to life the idea or message through the dancers.

Group synergy- 20%
How every member of the group plays a part in showing the concept.

7-to-smoke Abstract all-styles criteria:
Audition - Standard audition : 45 seconds
Top 14 selection
7-to-Smoke for 40 mins

DJ Psyk

Open Concept Jakarta 2018 Seeded guests :
Gorekilla (JKT)

Organisation 13 (KL)
Prizes: (To be Updated)
Showcase: $400 Cash + Trophy
Battle : $200 Cash + Trophy

Early-Registration Fee:
7-to-smoke - $20
Showcase - $20 per pax
Double cat early-bird pricing - $25 per pax.

Price at-the-door
7-to-smoke $25.
*No registration of showcase on the day itself. *

Showcase registration and Early-bird price ending on 16th June!
Register today via :

Audience ticket: TBC
June 30, 2019 (12:00) - Jun 30, 2019 (19:00)
1. Amin
2. Racheezels
3. T

Aliwal Street 28, Singapore, Singapore

Bboy Event Team