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The Other Side 2019

The Other Side 2019

The Other Side is back. Started originally in 2014, the event aims to bridge the gap between different genres in the street scene.

The Rules Format

-Team has to consist of 1 Bboy, 1 Hip Hop Dancer, 1 Popper, 1 Locker
-1 Hour Cypher Qualification
-Judges will choose Top 12
-Judges will only judge their respective categories (except for tiebreakers)
-No routines/commando
-Answer and reply must be genre specific (EG. if Popper from Team A comes out, Popper from Team B must reply)

Judges: Disclosed after Prelims

DJ: Bolo

Emcee: Slim
July 27, 2019 (16:00) - Jul 27, 2019 (22:00)
Per Team: $80 Audience: $12

Aliwal Street 28, Singapore, Singapore

Bboy Event Team