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Following the two years of grass roots – youth engagement, Skillz East Africa will yet again host the third edition of the community events, these events are meant to bring together various groups of young and adults artistes from different parts of the regions and will continue to attract artistes of various art disciples from different countries around the world to take part in the planned events.

In partnership with MITYANA Break Dance project Uganda,Skillz East Africa will host the MItyana cypher with the focus on designing and conducting experiential and hands on workshops in various vocational sessions these will include: fashion and design, E-learning, visual learning and business development.

The hierarchy consist of two major rounds with each organized at different levels these include:
Regional cyphers:
✓ Regional preliminaries -breakers from the region will have to register with regional hosts to ensure a spot to take part in the elimination, two breakers will earn a spot to battle at the grand finale.

✓ The Skillz East Africa battle features two 7 to smoke battles – two randomly group of eight breakers battles against each other in a twenty-minute battle round, the breaker with the highest points then qualifies to battle in the skillz East Africa power house rounds (three rounds). With the winner crowned the champion of the cypher.

✓ The event is fundamental to the continuance of Hip Hop as a universal culture that transcends all the boundaries of race, age, beliefs, sex, locality and social status spreading the message of love, peace, unity and safely having fun manifested in the common 9 elements of Hip Hop i.e. Breaking, Emceeing, Graffiti art, Deejaying, Beatboxing, street fashion, street language, street knowledge and street entrepreneurialism.

BREAKING: “unlocking the inner creativity, practice originality” – (SKILLZEA)
✓ The breaking workshops will feature various classes at different levels of mastery, these will include 1) foundation, 2) concepts and creativity,3) art of free styling, Skillz Breaking tutors will compose of both bgirls and bboys who will be required to design session plans based on their qualities, originality and style. Furthermore, online Q and A session will be scheduled with various Breakers to share their knowledge, experience and recommendations.

The Infinity Circle: (Youth Leadership 8)
✓ Sharing about the global urban youth culture Hip Hop; it's History, origin, purpose, intent, the core values i.e. Love peace, unity and positive fun and its influence in shaping communities artistically, socially, economically, politically and spiritually. The circle as a site of engagement demonstrates practitioners offering something they are putting into the center of the community cipher and something they are taking away ( the cipher is a circle formation in which members of Hip Hop culture gather, share, improvise, battle and negotiate their relationships to both one another and the culture verbalizing a unison declaration to the ensemble that is spiritually sealed and actualized with the collective utterance of 'peace, love, unity and safely having fun'. Knowledge reflected in the dialogue could engender discussions of power, place, purpose thence creating an atmosphere for all to freely express self-thoughts and ideas.

MOGUL HUB: “The creative sustainable approach to urban innovation, culture and lifestyle” – (Street Anatomy)
✓ The entrepreneurship hub is a revised breaking approach designed by Orenia Ricky (BBoy/Hiphop Educator) that combines both practical and experiential learning sessions to equip bboys and bgirls with practical skills on how to build an SMART Model to growth as professional artistes and cultural educators. The anatomy is based on self-experience, apprenticeship and continuous practice of Breaking as a dynamic concept when mastered it unlocks potential opportunities to being a top Bboy/Bgirl.
I am HipHop – Performances and showcases
✓ Expression of Hip Hop's elements that are practiced daily on a cultural level and performance lenses. it is Hip Hop Cultural world view that inspires or rather causes it's music, Arts and dances to occur.

Buy Original, support your local – Exhibitions
a plat form for the practioners within Hip Hop culture and the entire community to showcase their self-made products ignited by the power of the mind and creation for a fair trade creating income generating activities to mitigate unemployment breaking the cycle of capitalism and dependence thus self-sustainability which is the spirit of street entrepreneurialism.
May 25, 2019 (10:00) - May 26, 2019 (10:00)

Central Region, Kampala, Uganda

Bboy Event Team