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NW Qweenz 2019

What is NW Qweenz?????
A womxn's event supported and organized by womxn, the overall vision of NW Qweenz is to provide a space for womxn, femmes, non-binary and trans breakers who are often marginalized in the Bboy/Bgirl community.

Understand that we want to provide a safe space for ALL, including LGBTQ, POC and WOMXN. We will not tolerate transphobia, transmisogyny or misogyny, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, or ableism, etc.

Bgirl Panel @ 7pm (This is dedicated to the womxn)
Top bgirls of the NW will answer the questions of fellow bgirls with a bgirl session afterwards!

????JUNE 8TH: Battle 3PM-9PM
Doors open at 2PM
- Battle begins at 3PM
- 2v2 breaking
- 1v1 bg!rl


- PERFORMANCE BY: Lil Brown Girls Club ????
June 07, 2019 (15:00) - Jun 08, 2019 (21:00)

South 11th Street 1120, Tacoma, United States

Bboy Event Team