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Funktastic 4 2019

Hey Funkers!

We are presenting to you the third edition of Funktastic Four battle.

There will be 1 vs.1 battles in b-boying / waacking / popping / locking. There are 4 battle guests invited for each style who will choose the rest of the top 8 from cyphers (4 more dancers). Each style will have specific battle concept (concepts are the same and little bit different from the last edition, but we are going to pair them to different styles to spice it up).


via email to

Your registration in advance will help us to create schedule for the cyphers so everyone will have enough time to jam / present themselfs. Thank you!

More info soon!!!

It will be an afterparty!!! More info here

DJ: Jasty James
Mc's: Katerina Ourda a Tomáš Mačica
Foto/video: Oliver Staša
June 08, 2019 (10:00) - Jun 09, 2019 (04:00)

Špitálka 49, Jihomoravský Kraj, Czechia