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Serial Kickerz 6 battle International 2019

Here we are ! Serial Kickerz #5 battle international de breakdance! Rdv on Sunday 3rd of June.

Serial Kickerz is much more than a battle. It's a real Jam with mixed people coming from everywhere for a sharing moment.

Everyone can come and particpate to the battle. There are 3VS3 + Cypherz .
For the 3VS3 : 5 invited crews and 3 spots to grab on top 8.
Qualifications 3 hours before finals.
Qualifications juged by one bboy of each of the five invited crew.
We‘ll pay expenses of crews who succeed to grab on top 8 (have to send us a message before you come)

How to come :
Merignac airport
Train : gare St Jean - Saint André de cubzac
Bus : line 21

Contact : / 0612629320

More news very soon !

Il y a 3 places à prendre dans le Top 8 . Si votre crew se qualifie, vos frais de dpélacement et d'hébergements seront remboursé. Il suffit de nous contacter en amont.

There are 3 places to take on TOP 8.
If your crew is qualified, all your flight and hotel expenses will be paid by the organisation. You just have to contact before.
• Qualifications «3VS3 »
• Breakdance battle 3VS3
• Serial cypherz kings /queen (1VS1°
• Live band + DJ
• All style jam
• Shows
• Concert
• Graffiti
• After party
June 02, 2019 (15:00) - Jun 02, 2019 (18:00)

Allée Du Champ De Foire, Saint-andré-de-cubzac, France