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Project A - Students Breaking Battle 2019

"Project A" is the first in a series of quality breaking events focusing on kids and teenagers learning the art of breaking in Cyprus.

Older Bboys of our community are of course welcome to come along and Cypher with us and show the kids something to aspire for, as this is our main concern and goal, to get kids, teens and most importantly the parents more of an active role and involvement within this dance as well as getting to know others who share and have taken the same path as the one their children are walking in now.

Let's get straight to the point, Project A battle categories are:

Under14 - 3vs3 battles
Teens - 7 to Smoke battle

Hosting Project A is the well know all around hip hop personality of our lovely Island, the jack of all trades, we have the pleasure to have with us non other than: D-Prank (Bboy, Dj, Teacher and Hip Hop Promoter)

Judging Project A battles we have with us the coolest dancer we could find, with styles for miles, known for his intense energy, soulful tops, sharp movements and sporadic hits. he goes by the name of: Flava

DJing and spinning music in our ears we have the young cat, the proof that if you put your mind into something, you can do it, he has won almost every single student battle in the past, he clawed his way to the top and then decided he wanted to test his skills on the wheels of steel as well, with the support and help of each and everyone of us, we are proud to have him with us, he is known as: Code-E


Entrance fee: 5
Registration: 5

if you want to be part of our culture, it is in everyones best interest that we all support everyone involved with the growth of it.
-Unity is one of the main principles of Hip Hop Culture-

Time Schedule:
Event doors will open for registrations and social interactions at 12:00
- Cypher time at 12:30
- Battles begin at 13:00

First battle category will be Teens 7toSmoke
and then we go straight into the 3vs3

let's all be on time, to have a good time!
-Having Fun is one of the main principles of Hip Hop Culture-

Snacks and Beverages will be available for purchase as usual at our Canteen.

April 21, 2019 (00:00) - Apr 21, 2019 (03:00)

Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus

Bboy Event Team