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Dansens Dager battle 2019

On the 27th and 28th of April, Soul Sessions Oslo are celebrating International Dance Day and the beginning of our 10-years anniversary! With battles and workshops at Sentralen, Oslo.

This time we are doing two different battle concepts:
2 vs 2 Open Styles on Hip Hop Music:
Open Styles means open to all styles of dance, but the music genre will be hip hop.

DJ: Kcl (DK)
MC: Mathias Jin (NO/DK)
1 vs 1 Encounters:
Encounters is a meeting on the floor between two dancers. The concept is improvisational/freestyle based and is open to ALL kind of genres and dancers. The music will have different ambiances and will for the majority seem towards the more abstract and out of the box. How the dancers communicate, listen and relate will determine each encounter and will be a unique and live in the moment experience.
Participating dancers sign up individually and will encounter a random person on the floor in the preselections. The jury will select their favourite individual dancers to go through to the finals, but you will always encounter another dancer in a 1+1 duet. In the end, both dancers in the the jury’s favourite duet will stand as winners.
This is both a tribute to the some times forgotten constellation in street dance culture; dancing together at the same time. And also a more open artistic structural approach than the regular “battle” (competition). Hopefully dancers from all parts of the diverse dance scene will participate.

DJ: Niwin (NO)
MC: Mathias Jin (NO/DK)
Sunday April 28th

Workshops at Gymsalen @Sentralen - TBA!
2 vs 2 Open Styles on Hip Hop Music
1 vs 1 Encounters
April 27, 2019 (17:00) - Apr 27, 2019 (23:00)
Open Styles

Mr.Wiggles (Rock Steady crew/Electric Boogaloos, US)
Niki (SE)
Niako (Legion X, FR)

iRo aka Inger-Reidun Olsen (NO)
Chriz (CRE8/Mawu, NO)

Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo, Norway

Bboy Event Team