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Soul Survivor 3

Third Annual Soul Survivor
Date 4/20/2019 (Sat)
Doors Open @ 4:20pm
Battles Begin @ 5pm Sharp

$10 Cover - Kids under 10 free

The Soul Survivor Battle Format

The Prelims is 4 vs 4 but as the crews advances you have to eliminate one teammate from your crew. So then, the top 8 round becomes a 3 vs 3 and as your crew advances, top 4 will be 2 vs 2. Final battle is of course 1 vs 1, the Soul Survivor.

We are also excited to add a new addition to the Soul Survivor battle format this year, as the crews advance to the top 8, top 4, and the final battle, the number of rounds increases. Prelims is 1 round each dancer, top 8 is 2 rounds each dancer, and top 4 will be 3 rounds each dancer, and the final, 4 rounds each dancer. Can you survive the final battle!?

Prelims (4vs4) 1 round each
Top 8 (3vs3) 2 rounds each
Top 4 (2vs2) 3 rounds each
Final Battle (1vs1) 4 rounds each

Battle Rules:
Teammates can be brought back as crews advances. For example, the member who was chosen to sit out during the 3vs3 can be brought back to compete into the 2vs2 or the final battle.

Any questions or concerns please comment below.
4v4 Bboy Battle
7 To Smoke - Solo
April 20, 2019 (16:20) - Apr 20, 2019 (23:00)

North Pacific Street 2210, Seattle, United States

Bboy Event Team