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Audition Onestyle 2019

In the Onestyle, we dedication ourselves in the style for 1 year with mentoring and feedback. We work hard with an open mindset to the different concepts and techniques within each style.

The classes usually starts at 9.15 and ends at 11.45 before lunch. Homework on different tasks will be given to you during the weeks so you'll have plenty of material to work on after class.

You will be sent out to participate in different events also to try on your new-found skills and movement.

The goal is to build the individual but we will have a great group atmosphere - to create a good enviroment for learning and understanding is very important for this education.
May 17, 2019 (12:00) - May 17, 2019 (20:00)
Breaking Mentor Matti:

Popping Mentor Fowkus:

Södermanlands Län, Sköldinge, Sweden

Bboy Event Team