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BOTD: Battle Of The Districts 2019

What's up everyone? Chills here, Kevin and I are hosting our first BBoy Jam together on May 4th in Wausau, WI.

The main event will be a 7 vs 7 District Battle. Seven students from the Wausau school district will battle it out against seven students from the Everest school district (Schofield). Winners earn a grand trophy and plaque.

We are also having a 2 vs 2 Asset Battle with a cash prize of $400
My main focus is to show the younger generation of Wausau how amazing the breakin' community is and how exciting battles can get. And of course it's always great seeing everyone gettin' down on the floor. These students have been training hard and this'll be the time to test their skills!

DJ: BBoy Schells
May 04, 2019 (17:00) - May 04, 2019 (23:00)
Chuck Roc
•Rhythm Attack

North 2nd Street 1710, Wausau, United States

Bboy Event Team