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Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final 2019

Unique one-on-one street dance competition is coming to the world stage!

Different street dance styles, unpredictable tunes, crowd-voting, individuality and only one winner – Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final comes to Paris!

In 2018, Red Bull Dance Your Style brought a completely new concept of street dance competition to the world. This year, a unique challenge that tests the improvisational skills is ready to reach the next level!
After more than 50 events held in more than 30 countries all over the world, the global street dance battle will bring together only the most exceptional talents to compete at the first-ever World Final. The big decider will take place on October 12th at the European street dance Mecca, city of art, lights and love - Paris. French historical gem and globally known cultural hotspot - La Grande Halle de la Villette, will become the stage of this ultimate street dance showcase.
Red Bull Dance Your Style is all about giving freedom to dancers. They can completely express their skills and personality through one-on-one battles. Everything about this contest is fun, relaxed and unpredictable, there is no pressure of judging panels- the winner is determined by the audience votes. There's no planned choreography – dancers will have to thrill and rock the audience by quickly adapting their chosen style to surprising tunes, from recent global hits to old time classics. Who shows off the coolest steps in interaction with rhythm, lyrics and instruments and manages to WOW the crowd and win their vote, will become a crowned winner!
Paris is always a good idea, but how about being a judge of the global street-dance competition for one night?
Come and elect the first-ever Red Bull Dance Your Style World Champion!

Presale tickets to the spectators of Juste Debout - Page Officielle :
The ticket office opens to the general public on May 2019
More informations :
October 12, 2019 (19:00) - Oct 12, 2019 (23:00)

Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris, France

Bboy Event Team