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Jam For Food 7 2019

That's right it's a 3 VS 3 OPEN ALL STYLES BATTLE so play your cards right with your dance styles: Breaking, Popping, Krumping and whatever other flava you have to bring to the table! It's going to be LIT!!!!

WIN in these categories as well:
1) Open All Styles Cypher King or Queen
2) Breaking Cypher King or Queen
3) Cypher Shorty (Age 17 and under)

Vilas Park Sniper (NINJA CHURCH/MC Audio/Madison, WI),
E Double (Phaze II/Chicago, IL)

Darth Mayder (Wizards Crew/Madison, WI)

Entrance FEE:
$5 (8 years old & UP)
FREE (7 years old & UNDER)
Bring in a NEW packaged box of cereal bars/granola bars to opt out paying $5. (All proceeds goes to help support East High School low income students and community.)

BRING CASH TO HELP SUPPORT AND BUY FOOD/DRINKS from our Madison East High School MSCR student clubs for field trips, etc.

FREE Dance Workshops once you're in!!

House (Lead by: Ozzy)
Learn House with Ozzy who’s been dancing for over 17 years in many different dance styles! This is just one of them!

Hip Hop (Lead by: Sage)
Learn old school Hip Hop moves to new ones, freestyle building drills and end it with a combination!

Registration Time: 1:30pm – 3:45PM.

It's that time again when we're giving back to the community!

Presented to you by: Madison School & Community Recreation AND East High School.

Thank you to our Sponsors: Friends of MSCR, Unified Champion School and YES Weddings.

Do you have questions? You can contact:

Mayder Lor (MSCR East High School/Recreational Specialist & Organizer)
(608) 204-1752
(Feel free to contact me via FB for more info. thanks! ----Mayder Lor----)

Please stay tuned, some things may subject to change.....But I'll keep you all posted, thanks for your patience everyone and we hope to see you all there!
Saturday 3/23/19

Open All Styles Battle (All ages)
3 vs 3
Prize: Customized Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners
March 23, 2019 (11:00) - Mar 23, 2019 (19:00)
Ozzy Dris (Circle Theory/Twin Cities, MN)
KidJungle (Power Style Radio/Chicago, IL)
Sage (Worst Gen/Madison, WI)

East Washington Avenue 2222, Madison, United States

Bboy Event Team