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Break 4 Flix 2019

An experience, First and Last time doing this.

THIS IS AN All Age Event, lets have fun

Admission: 20 $

Pre Sale : TBA

Doors open 12pm

Battles Start at 2pm

Dj - Vicente Challenger Beats

- Gideon
- John

Secret Judges
- It's a secret

For Prelims each Category will have 45 seconds

Cypher Lord
The Secret Judge will pick 4 of the best dancers and they will have 10 minutes in a shark tank to decide who will be the Cypher Lord

The Cypher Lord will receive 100 dollars and a copy of the New Mortal Combat 11 for the Ps4
1v1 bboy, winner get 200 dollars and Gideon's Netflix

1v1 Open Styles, winner gets 200 bucks and Gideon's Netflix
April 28, 2019 (17:00) - Apr 28, 2019 (23:00)
Bboy Judges
- Get'umb ( Oakland Breakerz )
- Johhny Uc ( Rock Force )
- Rich ( Golden State Breakers )

Open Style Judges
- Intricate
- Lil Wiz
- Sir Joq

7th Street 1300, Oakland, United States

Bboy Event Team