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ARENA Singapore Dance Competition 2019

ARENA is a dance competition created by The Kinjaz and Sinostage. Basis for the competition is creativity. The first 2 ARENA was held in Cheng Du China. Winner of ARENA Singapore will win $2500 SGD , and qualify directly for ARENA China where you stand to win $10,000 USD. Winner of Arena China will then qualify for Arena Los Angeles .

Performance at Arena Singapore 2019 includes Kinjaz and S RANK ( USA).

ARENA Singapore is organize by Recognize Studios and Jam Republic with supporting partners Legacy Dance Co.

ARENA will essentially be the prequel or pre party to Summer Jam Dance Camp 2019.

Stay Tune for more details on showcases and also ticket prices!

Registration are as follow :

>> Video Submission <<
No concept videos allowed.
Old videos permitted but MUST show full formations.
Video length MUST be a minimum of 90 seconds and maximum 2 minutes long.
Video MUST be uploaded to YouTube and links emailed to

>> Registration and Submission Details <<
Minimum of 5 dancers and a maximum of 20 dancers
Showcase length must be 3 - 5 minutes if you get into finals.
NO age limit.
Open to ALL Countries.
Video Submission is free.
If you get into the finals, each dancer pays a registration fee of $20.

// Register in the following format //

Crew Name
Leader Name
Crew Numbers

>> Submission Deadlines <<
( Qualifying Crews will be notified by email on the 10th of January 2019 )
March 09, 2019 (14:00) - Mar 09, 2019 (23:00)

New York, New York, United States

Bboy Event Team