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The Lord of the Circle 2019

KIDS (up to 11 yers of age), BEGINNERS (age unlimited), EXPERTS (age unlimited) categories - Hip Hop, House, Popping, Breaking and LADY LIKE (only Open category - from 14 years old) styles. Hip Hop, House, Popping and Lady Like performances are judged only by the judges of particular style during the selection, the battles are judged by a commission of 3 judges. Breaking style are judged by 3 judges. There is 16 or 8 participants in fights (depending on the total number of participants). The combat dancers have one round and two rounds in finals, if necessary, the judges can give additional rounds. Dancers of LADY LIKE category have 2 rounds. The battles in the finals are held only for the 1st-2nd places.
SUPER FINAL is attended only by the winners of Experts, Lady Like style categories. Pop, Disco, Rock, or other music chosen by the organizers plays during the fight. The dancers draw lots to decide the order of appearance. The battle happens in such a way - if in the first round the dancer is the 1st, in the the second he will be the 2d, in the third - the 3d, etc.
TEAM SHOW performances:
Participants compete in KIDS (Children - under 11 - Beginners and Advanced), JUNIORS (Teenagers - 12-15 Years - Beginners and Advanced) and ADULTS (16 and over - Beginners and Advanced) categories. The number of dancers in teams is unlimited. Duration 2:30-3:30 min. The measures that can disturb the performances of other dancers, cause safety problems for viewers, participants or premises themselves - water, flour, fire, confetti, etc. are prohibited. The appearances are judged by all judges.
- Seminarai
- Kovos 1x1 – Hip Hop, House, Popping, Breaking, Lady Like
- Komandiniai ir teisėjų šou pasirodymai

KOMANDINIAI ŠOU PASIRODYMAI: Best Show – 500 EUR grynais + Autentiškas trofėjus. Visose kategorijose bus apdovanotos 1, 2 ir 3 vietos autentiškais trofėjais.
HIP HOP, HOUSE, POPPING ir BREAKING kovos: 1 vietos EXPERTS grupėje – Piniginiai prizai + Autentiški trofėjai. 2 vietos - Autentiški trofėjai.
KIDS ir BEGINNERS kategorijos: 1 ir 2 vietos - Autentiški trofėjai + dovanos.
LADY LIKE 1 vieta: Piniginis prizas + Autentiškas trofėjus + Rėmėjų prizas. 2 vieta - Autentiškas trofėjus + dovana.
THE LORD titulo laimėtojas – Autentiškas Trofėjus.
April 19, 2019 (12:00) - Apr 19, 2019 (22:00)

Vilnius County, Vilnius, Lithuania

Bboy Event Team