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Rebirth 2

"Rebirth Vol 2" is an Open Styles Dance Battle Event otherwise known as a "Jam". It will be the 2nd Jam ever hosted at Emerson College brought to you by The Hip-Hop Society Dance branch

Open Styles 1v1- You can dance whatever style it is that YOU train (if that's more than one great) as long as you are dancing and killing the track it should not matter how many styles you can cram into your set to win Judge points. Do you and do it well enough to smoke the opposition.

Cypher Lord Battle: Top 2 Cypher Participants throughout the event must battle to be the Cypher Lord

Judges Showcase included
Musical Performances by The Hip-Hop Society MC branch
Exhibition Battle :tbd
Graffiti installation

Doors Open for arrival/ Cyphers at 1:00pm. Cyphers are being watched for Cypher Lord Competitors starting at this time (Be on time)
Battles Start at 3:00pm Sharp- be on time...BE.ON.TIME... please :)

Cash Prizes for both Cypher Lord & Battle Bracket Winner :$300

SC One -(NYC)

MC: ElmStreet - (Lowell,MA)
March 23, 2019 (13:00) - Mar 23, 2019 (21:30)
1) Stiggity Stackz- (Boston,MA)
2) FLO- (NYC)
3) Snoopy- (Boston, MA)
$15 $5 Discount w/t student ID

Summer Street 52, Boston, United States

Bboy Event Team