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The Egg Head Jam 2019

What is The Egg Head Jam? Well, I’m glad you asked, let me explain.

The Egg Head Jam is a one of a kind dance event, it isn’t like your normal dance battles here in Portland. I’ve decided to change it up a bit. So this is how it’s going down. First, it’s a 1v1 battle (open styles) and everything starts out normal. The Prelims, Top 16, Top 8, Top 4, then Finals. But there’s a twist. Prelims are going to be normal, meaning you have 45 seconds to showcase your style to the judges. After that for every round you do (after prelims) has a challenge, think of it as a video game. Every round you do gets harder and harder. You will be challenged with music (WARNING, you are going to hear literally all kinds of music, so be prepared) you will be challenged with props, story telling and more. This event is about how to challenge yourself as a dancer and find new ways to battle and move. The Egg Head Jam, is meant to be a learning experience, exploring/experiment your movement and possibly use some of your new ideas for other dance jams in the future. Just be open-minded, be prepared to get weird, and be willing to try new things that you probably haven’t tried or even thought of before and if you win the main event, the goal is that your head will be a scrambled egg head from the ideas and creativity you have put on the dance floor, hence why it’s called The Egg Head Jam. Plus I will be giving away special awards and treats. Be ambitious and be prepared to be scrambled, I cannot wait to see you Egg Heads there…

There will be more information coming soon...

Hosted by:
JuJu Nikz

Element Dance Studio
2950 SE Cornelius Pass Rd
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Doors Open at 5:00pm
Prelims Starts at 5:45pm


Special Performances:
SLC Slay
House Of Ada
Mystical Creatures
House Of Flora
NW Reign

Simeon - Cyphers
TBA - Battles

JuJu Nikz
Jesus Rodales

Uncle Jimmy

There is no limit so put your name down and I will upload it to this page. If your name is spelled wrong or your name isn't on this post within 24 hours that you commented, please DM me so it will be on the list...

Entering to battle:
1. Stoney
2. Ben Vo
3. Nicholas Chrisman
4. Casey Ada
5. Jensine San
6. Tomb
7. Aang ASAP
8. YungMoveMonster (Utah)
9. CC99 (Utah)
10. Ryan Houlberg
11. Daniel Shinseki
12. Ja'Rel Mitchell
13. Andrew De La Paz
14. Huy Nguyen
15. Zan-0-Sama
16. Brittany Hortert
17. No Vaseline
18. Ace
19. Jakkii Vazquez
20. TiaCakes (Utah)
21. Dia Dragon
22. Offfugitup (Utah)
23. Marli Kate Hughes
24. Claire Novick
25. Brianna Nerud
26. Daniel Mizrahi
27. Yusef Robinson
28. Britan Morris
29. Akela Jaffi
30. MacKenzie Schuller
31. Automatic
33. BBoy Ash
January 26, 2019 (17:00) - Jan 26, 2019 (23:00)
Namek a.k.a Twin DMHP - Representing Street Styles
Bb DeLano - Representing Contemporary & Story Telling
Brandon Mizrahi - Representing Club Styles
Battlers (All Age) - $5 - !!!Cash or Venmo ONLY!!!
Watchers (All Age) - FREE!!!

Oregon, Hillsboro, United States

Bboy Event Team