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Urban Battle Challenge 2019

Within Master Dance Festival - LUKEC OPEN 2019 there will be special URBAN BATTLE CHALLENGE event with special money and practical prizes. This is open categorie without age restrictions.

Event manager: Sara Krajnc, Mark Gerjevič
MC: Yamcha
DJ: Nixon
Judges: Željko Božič, Samo P. Kos, TBA
Entry fee: 20,00 EUR

It is “ALL STYLE” battle competition. The competitors dance to the music of the Organizer’s choice. In the Preliminary rounds each dancer has a solo presentation of a maximum 45 seconds. When all dancers complete presentation, they dance in groups, formed in a circle, and take turns dancing in the middle of the circle (can be individually or two together). Judges then select top 16 dancers and award them with cards that guarantee the dancers qualify for one on one battles. The Preliminary rounds are complete when Judges award all 16 cards. After the completion of Preliminary rounds, the chosen 16 dancers will be randomly paired together for one on one battles. Each dancer in the pair will have two rounds - lasting a maximum of 1 minute each - to dance, the dancer starting both rounds is randomly selected at the beginning of the battle. The Competition starts with eighth-finals. In semi-finals the remaining 2 pairs of dancers compete in one on one battles. The losers of semi-finals then compete against each other in a one on one battle for the 3rd place and the winners of semi-finals compete against each other in a one on one battle for the 1st place.

See you in Brežice :)
February 08, 2019 (18:00) - Feb 08, 2019 (23:00)
1st place – 400,00 EUR
2nd place – 200,00 EUR
3rd place – 100,00 EUR
4th place – practical gift

Gubčeva Ulica 10, Brežice, Slovenia

Bboy Event Team