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Skillz East Africa “crown of the power house

Skillz East Africa brings you the annual tour and community wrap up battle, top 16 power heads will go head to head in a 3 round breaking contest for a chance for be crowned as the 2018 Skillz East Africa power house! Proudly brought to you by Street Anatomy Uganda, New Image Productions worldwide and Youth leadership 8.

Battle criteria:
The power house battle- consists of three rounds:

1. The break-will be judged on the breaker’s essential body movement and mental understanding of breaking- Foundation- consisting of top rocks, footwork, freeze and power moves : ability to dance, demonstrate character and style.
2. Super flex : will be judge on the breaker’s creativity, finesse,execution and dynamics.
3. The power puff: random ballot of moves will be set for each round and breakers/powerheads will have to consistently perform a particular move according to number on the ballot.
*note each round equal 3 points and to qualify to the next stage powerheads need to 9 or 6 points.
Breakin- foundations - 2:00pm-2:30pm (EAT)
Hip-hop new styles - 3:00pm- 3:300pm(EAT)
Prelims -4:00-5:00pm
Crown of the power house 5:30-6:30pm (EAT)
December 30, 2018 (14:00) - Dec 30, 2018 (17:00)
To be announced
Skillz official merchandise
Crown trophy
40$ cash prize
Donate to the hosting community

Central Region, Kampala, Uganda

Skillz East Africa