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Battle Tactics with Taz 2019

In the past months, people have been asking for advice after their battles. I always have a lot to say, but one thing that seems to come up for everyone is 'Battling'. There are many facets to this, and so I would like to share what I know with you all.

Price: $30 for two hours or over.

I will be conducting much of this class through 'battle format.'
Everyone will be battling each other, and because of this, I will need to get meticulous with everybody's personal style. It's my job to adapt to you.

Note: Location may change to an actual studio.

See y'all there.
January 01, 2019 (19:00) - Jan 01, 2019 (21:00)

Darling Drive 14, Sydney, Australia

Bboy Event Team