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The Dance Championship 3

(All India Dance Competition)

India's first versatile group dance championship, CERTIFICATES for all, Trophies and CASH Prize for Champions and 3 Year SCHOLARSHIP for Diploma in Bollywood/Western/Hip-Hop Dance or Creative & Contemporary or Indian Classical Dance Forms.

Organized by : Sandipan Mondal & Aranyak Dance School

Groups with any dance forms are welcome.
There will be two divisions of groups (i) Adult (ii)Kids
There will be Two Rounds.

Rules & Regulations :

• Group Should be of minimum 5 to max 100 people.

• Routines, costumes and music should be non-suggestive and appropriate for a family oriented audience. Otherwise the organizers and the judges will have the right to disqualify The routine .

• Time limit will be informed during registration We at "The Dance Championships" will not change the scheduled times of routines due to the large amount of entries. We want to remain organized for the benefit of all. We are asking for your complete cooperation in this matter. Please do not ask to change your scheduled time of performance. It is necessary for the contestant to be at the competition site no later than one hour before his/her scheduled time of performance.

• Participants must bring one song in each CD no searching of songs during competition will be entertained.

• Back up music is suggested in case of music malfunction. Please be sure your music is done on high quality CD'S and is in good condition. Performers are to be in the wings of the stage only two acts in advance.

• At no time during or after the competition are parents or teachers to approach the judges. The decision of the judges is final.

• A sportsmanlike attitude with moral integrity should be exhibited at all times.
"The Dance Championship" reserves the right to disqualify contestants or studios that exhibit inappropriate behavior.
No reality show drama is accepted or appreciated! Please check it at the door!

• Routines not completed by the performer will not be allowed to repeat the performance for any reason.
Improvisational skills should be coached prior to the competition.

• No coaching during the performance by teachers or parents.

• No dangerous props. Any debris left on the stage must be cleaned up quickly after the performance.
Props should be on and off the stage in 30 seconds.

• The same contestant(s) cannot compete more than once in the same category and age group.
This means that contestants must never compete against themselves. No soloist may place in top 5 more than one time.

• Children must be chaperoned at all times during the competition.
"The Dance Championships" will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

• "The Dance Championships" claims no responsibility for accident or injury.

• Our staff is friendly and promotes learning, encouragement, respect and dignity.
Contestants and parents are expected to treat teachers, other competitors and the "The Dance Championships" staff with kindness.

Thanking You
December 22, 2018 (16:00) - Dec 23, 2018 (22:00)

Rifle Club Road, Kolkata, India

Bboy Event Team